tirsdag den 4. juli 2017

PS. When you order my PAPIR-book ...

For Dkr. 125,- only
you will receive all this:
Book + startkit*
* Startkit comes in pink/red/yellow/orange or blue/green/purple
and will be enclosed for as long as it's in stock!

Please note: Startkit will only be included if you order from me directly
via www.leLivre.dk, my Instagram or my E-mail (see previous blog post).

The language used in the book is Danish,
but even though you can't read or you don't understand the language
it should be possible creating most of the models shown in the book
thanks to lots of illustrations.

For further info. on how to order please visit www.leLivre.dk
or have a look at my previous blog post.

*Have a happy Tuesday*


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