torsdag den 31. august 2017


My new book has been released:

(Crocheted POTHOLDERS)

It's for sale on our website, www.,
and in online book stores.

Your local book store can get it for you as well.



fredag den 11. august 2017

Frida Kahlo pillowcase makeover

All you need is:
A printed pillowcase, cotton yarn 8/4, needle
imagination, and a couple of nights ...

The picture above shows the pillowcase before my stitches!

The stitches I've used are:
Basting stitch, flat stitch, chain stitch , and french knot.

The picture above shows the pillowcase before and after
I had embroidered the flower headband.

And the picture below shows
the pimped necklaces and pendant.

I haven't embroidered anything similar for a LONG time,
but it was so much fun and I'll definitely be doing more
of these makeovers once in a while.

Hopefully you got some inspiration here?




mandag den 7. august 2017

My new crochet book ...


... has been sent for printing today!

"Chrocheted potholders"
– in Danish "Hæklede GRYDELAPPER".

The book contains 20 recipes of different kinds:

Squared, round, and fanzy shapes.

Marshmallow, Mille Fiori, Frida K., Hippe-Van,
Piggy, Provence, Retro, Bohéme, and Harlekin
are some of them.

The book is in Danish only.

The book will be released sometime 'round Aug. 21, 2017.

You can pre-order the book from our website

We'll ship all incoming orders as soon
as we receive the printed books from the print company.

*Smiles* from


lørdag den 5. august 2017

Doodles on shells ...

100% mindfulness while decorating the shells!

I've used Uni Posca 0.7 mm for the doodles.

Have fun!



tirsdag den 1. august 2017

Painting on ...


You can paint on rocks, wooden sticks, dry leaves,
sea shells ... and snail shells (like I just did).

I've bought the snail shells from the charity store
(a French package of shells for edible snails).

The pens I use are UNI POSCA pens.