søndag den 23. juli 2017

Tour de France garland (crochet)

[English translation at the bottom]



Design & copyright: Lisbet Lücke Larsen @LLLogCo. 2017
Kun til privat brug. Opskriften må ikke kopieres, og modeller må ikke sælges.

m = maske
lm = luftmaske
fm = fastmaske
rk = række
bg = bryd garnet

Bomuldsgarn 8/4: gul, grøn, hvid, rød, blå, mintgrøn
Hæklenål: 3,5

Trøjer – 1 stk. gul, 1 stk. grøn, 1 stk. hvid, 1 stk. hvid med røde prikker

1. rk: Slå 16 lm op, hækl 1 fm i 2. lm fra nålen, herefter 14 fm.
2.-6. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m, 14 fm. Bg efter 6. rk. Vend.
7. rk: Hækl 1 fm i hver af de midterste 10 m.
8-11. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m, 8 fm.

Rød: Broder prikker på den ene hvide trøje, korssting omkranset af risting.

Tricoloren (det franske flag), 1 stk.

Blå 1. rk: Slå 10 lm op, hækl 1 fm i 2. lm fra nålen.
Blå 2.-6. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m.
Hvid 7.-12. rk: Som 2.-6. rk.
Rød 8.-12. rk: Som 2.-6. rk.


Mint grøn: Slå 50 lm op, *hækl 1 fm i 1. m på en trøje, 14 lm, 1 fm i sidste m i samme trøje, 3 lm*, gentag fra * til * med de øvrige 3 trøjer, tilføj flaget ved at hækle 9 fm langs den blå side, og afslut med 50 lm. Bg og slå knude på hver ende.




Design & copyright: Lisbet Lücke Larsen @LLLogCo. 2017
For private use only. The recipe may not be copied, and models may not be sold.

m = mask
ch = chain
sc = crochet
br = break the yarn
st(s) = stitch/stitches
pc = piece

Cotton yarn 8/4: yellow, green, white, red, blue, mint green
Crochet hook: 3.5

Jerseys - 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 White, 1 White with red dots

1st row: Ch 16, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 14.
2-6th row: (ch 1, sc 1) in the same st, sc 14. Br after 6th row. Turn.
7th row: Sc 1 in each of the middle 10 sts.
8-11th: (ch 1, sc 1) in the same st, sc 8.

Red: Embroider dots on one of the white jerseys, cross stitch surrounded by single stitches.

Tricoloren (French flag), 1 pc.

Blue 1st row: Ch 10, sc 1 in 2nd ch from the hook, sc 8.
Blue 2-6th row: (1 ch, 1 sc) in the same st.
White 7-12th row: Like row 2-6.
Red 8-12th row: Like row 2-6.


Mint green: Ch 50, * sc 1 in 1st st on a jersey, ch 14, sc 1 in last st, ch 3 *, repeat from * to * with the remaining 3 jerseys, add the flag by sc 9 on the blue side, ch 50.

Please let me know if you find any errors! Thank you! :-)

Have fun!


onsdag den 19. juli 2017

Behind the scenes ...

For the time being I'm shooting photos for my upcoming book.

On top: This is what my readers will see.
Below: This is how it really looks like – behind the scenes!

I really love this table! It's perfect for MY styling, and has become part of my image!
As far as I remember it's featured in all of my first 8 books.
And I'm sure it's to be found in the next ones as well! :-)


mandag den 10. juli 2017

Book no. 9 ...

Work – work – work.

I'm about to finish my next book.
The 2nd book I'll publish myself.

No. 9 in the row.

Another crochet book.

When the book is sent for printing, the subject will be revealed.

The pattern in the photo will be in the book.

Happy Monday ...!


tirsdag den 4. juli 2017

PS. When you order my PAPIR-book ...

For Dkr. 125,- only
you will receive all this:
Book + startkit*
* Startkit comes in pink/red/yellow/orange or blue/green/purple
and will be enclosed for as long as it's in stock!

Please note: Startkit will only be included if you order from me directly
via www.leLivre.dk, my Instagram or my E-mail (see previous blog post).

The language used in the book is Danish,
but even though you can't read or you don't understand the language
it should be possible creating most of the models shown in the book
thanks to lots of illustrations.

For further info. on how to order please visit www.leLivre.dk
or have a look at my previous blog post.

*Have a happy Tuesday*