fredag den 22. september 2017

The little, colourful things in life ...

When I was on holiday lately I bought some craft magazines ... and while surfing the mags I got some very nice inspiration. A couple of ideas that came to my mind involved MATCHBOXES.

And when I get an idea I go for it immediately ... (for a start, at least). So I visited the Danish marketplace, and found a seller, who offered A LOT of matchboxes for a very reasonable price.

Yesterday I went to pick up the bags and back home again I had a look at the abt. 430 boxes. So many different ones from Denmark and foreign countries and interesting places like; Monte Carlo, Maui, Paris, and Las Vegas.

For my "ideas" I need the boxes only, so I started emptying the boxes. And while pouring the matches – box by box – into a HUGE bowl, I noticed the many different colours of the tips ... and I was certainly surprised!

Yes I have seen tips of different colours – a few ones like red, brown, white and blue – but these boxes contained the COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW: turquoise, lime green, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple etc. etc. ... and one matchbox even had black matches with a golden tip(!) 

It sounds totally weird – I know – but I felt I was in Matchbox Heaven standing somewhere at the end of the rainbow. (Sometimes my creative, colorful brain runs totally out of my mind. *haha*)

But ... on the other hand ... I'm telling myself that it's a kind of a gift being able to see and ENJOY the little things in life.

I don't know when I'll have the time to "test my idea", but I'll do it a.s.a.p. and ofcourse I'll show you the result.

For now the matchboxes and matches have been stored for later use.

Have a happy 'n COLORFUL weekend, everyone!

*SMILES* from Denmark,