tirsdag den 8. november 2016

What would you like to crochet?

For the time being I'm working on one of my next books which will be about CROCHET. But I'm not really sure WHAT kind of crochet, WHAT kind of ideas, WHAT kind of items ...!

You can already find so many crochet books about almost everything, but ... is something missing?

* Granny squares (more granny squares)
* Round patches
* Triangles and other shapes
* Bags
* Pillows
* Easter
* Halloween


I have several ideas myself, but I'd love to know what YOU would like to see in another crochet book from me.

Would you prefer pastels or strong colors?

You're more than welcome to drop your ideas in a comment below or in an E-mail: lisbet(a)lisbet.dk

My books are published in Danish only, but I'd love to receive ideas from all of you, in- or outside Denmark.

from Lisbet

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