torsdag den 25. maj 2017

Hæklet blonde (gratis opskrift)


Garn: Bomuld 8/4
Hæklenål: 3,5

m = maske
lm = luftmaske
km = kædemaske
fm = fastmaske
stgm = stangmaske
rk = række
lm-bue = luftmaskebue


Slå det antal lm op du ønsker (hvis blonden skal bruges som gavebånd el. andet, så skal der slås en hel del luftmasker op)

Anvendes blonden som kant på f.eks. et tæppe, hækles der direkte fra 1. rk.

1. rk: Hækl 1 stgm i 3. lm fra nålen og herefter 1 stgm i hver lm rk ud. Vend.

2. rk: (3 lm, 1 stgm) i samme m, spring 2 m over, *(1 stgm, 1 lm, 1 stgm), spring 2 m over*, gentag fra * til * rk ud. Vend med 1 lm.

3. rk: (1 fm, 2 lm, 1 fm) i hver m [mellem lm-buerne], 1 km i hver lm-bue.


fra Lisbet :-)

tirsdag den 23. maj 2017

In the mags ...

Last week one of the weekly, Danish magazines – Hjemmet – showed the cover of my book "PAPIR" (paper). I only got to know this, because the mag wrote to me for a picture file.

If you notice  – or maybe you've already seen – the cover of my book printed in other Danish mags I'm very interested in knowing abt it. Just drop me a note here on my blog or send me an E-mail: lisbet(a)lisbet(dot)dk.

Thank you so much in advance!


søndag den 14. maj 2017

Poppy Love

When a plant chooses it's own place to live and grow ...
it pays off BIG time!

I just love this poppy and it's amazing colors!
The pictures are captured by my iPhone5s,
and I didn't add any colors at all. All I did was adjusting the light
and the purple power turned up!

Nature is awesome!


torsdag den 4. maj 2017

Meet me on Ravelry

On my Ravelry-page I share crochet patterns
free and for sale.

I've had this account on Ravelry for almost 6 years,
but I haven't really spent much time on the website
– untill now ...

More designs and patterns made by me
will be added along the way!

On Ravelry you find me as LisbetLL.


For those of you who don't already know

Ravelry is a community for YARN-FREAKS
– crochet, tunisian crochet, and knitting.

On Ravelry you can find and share patterns
– for free and for sale ...
and you can find patterns on a lot of clothes, toys, ornaments etc.

So ... if you're a yarn-person, I'm pretty sure
you'll find this site quite interesting.


Happy thursday everyone ...! :-)

to you from me,