tirsdag den 14. november 2017

Postal stamps: Tiny pieces of art ...

It always makes my day, when I happen to find something extra NICE in a thrift-/charity store and at fleamarkets.

Lately I've found some interesting and colorful collections of postal stamps.

I simply adore those tiny pieces of art. I enjoy the different colors, the illustrations, and the creativity.

BTW (by the way): Recently I found this vintage cookie tin in a local charity store as well. ♥ I also have a love for vintage tins. (Oops!)


One of my fave-prints in the collections of postal stamps is this Holiday stamp of the Russian bear, Misha/Mishka (Миша), which was the mascot for the Olympic Games i Moscow in 1980.

Some day I'll use the postal stamps for crafty projects. I already have a few ideas in mind ...

Do you like postal stamps too?



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