torsdag den 4. maj 2017

Meet me on Ravelry

On my Ravelry-page I share crochet patterns
free and for sale.

I've had this account on Ravelry for almost 6 years,
but I haven't really spent much time on the website
– untill now ...

More designs and patterns made by me
will be added along the way!

On Ravelry you find me as LisbetLL.


For those of you who don't already know

Ravelry is a community for YARN-FREAKS
– crochet, tunisian crochet, and knitting.

On Ravelry you can find and share patterns
– for free and for sale ...
and you can find patterns on a lot of clothes, toys, ornaments etc.

So ... if you're a yarn-person, I'm pretty sure
you'll find this site quite interesting.


Happy thursday everyone ...! :-)

to you from me,

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