søndag den 14. august 2016

Tiny cutie ...

Today we couldn't find Milou in the garden. We called her name several times and after a while she came running towards me, looking very excited. 

I had the feeling she wanted to tell or show me something, and when she went back to the place she came from, she started playing with "something".

When I got closer, this "something" turned out to be the cutest, tiny baby mouse hiding in the grass.

Awwww ....! <3 

To prevent Milou from hurting the cutie I had to pick it up.

With the baby mouse in my hand I went inside the house to grab my iPhone. And these are just two of the pictures I captured of the mouse, before I went back to the very spot in the garden, to set the baby mouse free again.

Before it jumped into some very tall grasses I told the cutie to take good care of itself in this big and cruel world. ;-)

Happy Sunday, folks ...!

fra Lisbet

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