fredag den 22. september 2017

The little, colourful things in life ...

When I was on holiday lately I bought some craft magazines ... and while surfing the mags I got some very nice inspiration. A couple of ideas that came to my mind involved MATCHBOXES.

And when I get an idea I go for it immediately ... (for a start, at least). So I visited the Danish marketplace, and found a seller, who offered A LOT of matchboxes for a very reasonable price.

Yesterday I went to pick up the bags and back home again I had a look at the abt. 430 boxes. So many different ones from Denmark and foreign countries and interesting places like; Monte Carlo, Maui, Paris, and Las Vegas.

For my "ideas" I need the boxes only, so I started emptying the boxes. And while pouring the matches – box by box – into a HUGE bowl, I noticed the many different colours of the tips ... and I was certainly surprised!

Yes I have seen tips of different colours – a few ones like red, brown, white and blue – but these boxes contained the COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW: turquoise, lime green, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple etc. etc. ... and one matchbox even had black matches with a golden tip(!) 

It sounds totally weird – I know – but I felt I was in Matchbox Heaven standing somewhere at the end of the rainbow. (Sometimes my creative, colorful brain runs totally out of my mind. *haha*)

But ... on the other hand ... I'm telling myself that it's a kind of a gift being able to see and ENJOY the little things in life.

I don't know when I'll have the time to "test my idea", but I'll do it a.s.a.p. and ofcourse I'll show you the result.

For now the matchboxes and matches have been stored for later use.

Have a happy 'n COLORFUL weekend, everyone!

*SMILES* from Denmark,


torsdag den 31. august 2017


My new book has been released:

(Crocheted POTHOLDERS)

It's for sale on our website, www.,
and in online book stores.

Your local book store can get it for you as well.



fredag den 11. august 2017

Frida Kahlo pillowcase makeover

All you need is:
A printed pillowcase, cotton yarn 8/4, needle
imagination, and a couple of nights ...

The picture above shows the pillowcase before my stitches!

The stitches I've used are:
Basting stitch, flat stitch, chain stitch , and french knot.

The picture above shows the pillowcase before and after
I had embroidered the flower headband.

And the picture below shows
the pimped necklaces and pendant.

I haven't embroidered anything similar for a LONG time,
but it was so much fun and I'll definitely be doing more
of these makeovers once in a while.

Hopefully you got some inspiration here?




mandag den 7. august 2017

My new crochet book ...


... has been sent for printing today!

"Chrocheted potholders"
– in Danish "Hæklede GRYDELAPPER".

The book contains 20 recipes of different kinds:

Squared, round, and fanzy shapes.

Marshmallow, Mille Fiori, Frida K., Hippe-Van,
Piggy, Provence, Retro, Bohéme, and Harlekin
are some of them.

The book is in Danish only.

The book will be released sometime 'round Aug. 21, 2017.

You can pre-order the book from our website

We'll ship all incoming orders as soon
as we receive the printed books from the print company.

*Smiles* from


lørdag den 5. august 2017

Doodles on shells ...

100% mindfulness while decorating the shells!

I've used Uni Posca 0.7 mm for the doodles.

Have fun!



tirsdag den 1. august 2017

Painting on ...


You can paint on rocks, wooden sticks, dry leaves,
sea shells ... and snail shells (like I just did).

I've bought the snail shells from the charity store
(a French package of shells for edible snails).

The pens I use are UNI POSCA pens.



søndag den 23. juli 2017

Tour de France garland (crochet)

[English translation at the bottom]



Design & copyright: Lisbet Lücke Larsen @LLLogCo. 2017
Kun til privat brug. Opskriften må ikke kopieres, og modeller må ikke sælges.

m = maske
lm = luftmaske
fm = fastmaske
rk = række
bg = bryd garnet

Bomuldsgarn 8/4: gul, grøn, hvid, rød, blå, mintgrøn
Hæklenål: 3,5

Trøjer – 1 stk. gul, 1 stk. grøn, 1 stk. hvid, 1 stk. hvid med røde prikker

1. rk: Slå 16 lm op, hækl 1 fm i 2. lm fra nålen, herefter 14 fm.
2.-6. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m, 14 fm. Bg efter 6. rk. Vend.
7. rk: Hækl 1 fm i hver af de midterste 10 m.
8-11. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m, 8 fm.

Rød: Broder prikker på den ene hvide trøje, korssting omkranset af risting.

Tricoloren (det franske flag), 1 stk.

Blå 1. rk: Slå 10 lm op, hækl 1 fm i 2. lm fra nålen.
Blå 2.-6. rk: (1 lm, 1 fm) i samme m.
Hvid 7.-12. rk: Som 2.-6. rk.
Rød 8.-12. rk: Som 2.-6. rk.


Mint grøn: Slå 50 lm op, *hækl 1 fm i 1. m på en trøje, 14 lm, 1 fm i sidste m i samme trøje, 3 lm*, gentag fra * til * med de øvrige 3 trøjer, tilføj flaget ved at hækle 9 fm langs den blå side, og afslut med 50 lm. Bg og slå knude på hver ende.




Design & copyright: Lisbet Lücke Larsen @LLLogCo. 2017
For private use only. The recipe may not be copied, and models may not be sold.

m = mask
ch = chain
sc = crochet
br = break the yarn
st(s) = stitch/stitches
pc = piece

Cotton yarn 8/4: yellow, green, white, red, blue, mint green
Crochet hook: 3.5

Jerseys - 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 White, 1 White with red dots

1st row: Ch 16, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 14.
2-6th row: (ch 1, sc 1) in the same st, sc 14. Br after 6th row. Turn.
7th row: Sc 1 in each of the middle 10 sts.
8-11th: (ch 1, sc 1) in the same st, sc 8.

Red: Embroider dots on one of the white jerseys, cross stitch surrounded by single stitches.

Tricoloren (French flag), 1 pc.

Blue 1st row: Ch 10, sc 1 in 2nd ch from the hook, sc 8.
Blue 2-6th row: (1 ch, 1 sc) in the same st.
White 7-12th row: Like row 2-6.
Red 8-12th row: Like row 2-6.


Mint green: Ch 50, * sc 1 in 1st st on a jersey, ch 14, sc 1 in last st, ch 3 *, repeat from * to * with the remaining 3 jerseys, add the flag by sc 9 on the blue side, ch 50.

Please let me know if you find any errors! Thank you! :-)

Have fun!


onsdag den 19. juli 2017

Behind the scenes ...

For the time being I'm shooting photos for my upcoming book.

On top: This is what my readers will see.
Below: This is how it really looks like – behind the scenes!

I really love this table! It's perfect for MY styling, and has become part of my image!
As far as I remember it's featured in all of my first 8 books.
And I'm sure it's to be found in the next ones as well! :-)


mandag den 10. juli 2017

Book no. 9 ...

Work – work – work.

I'm about to finish my next book.
The 2nd book I'll publish myself.

No. 9 in the row.

Another crochet book.

When the book is sent for printing, the subject will be revealed.

The pattern in the photo will be in the book.

Happy Monday ...!


tirsdag den 4. juli 2017

PS. When you order my PAPIR-book ...

For Dkr. 125,- only
you will receive all this:
Book + startkit*
* Startkit comes in pink/red/yellow/orange or blue/green/purple
and will be enclosed for as long as it's in stock!

Please note: Startkit will only be included if you order from me directly
via, my Instagram or my E-mail (see previous blog post).

The language used in the book is Danish,
but even though you can't read or you don't understand the language
it should be possible creating most of the models shown in the book
thanks to lots of illustrations.

For further info. on how to order please visit
or have a look at my previous blog post.

*Have a happy Tuesday*


torsdag den 29. juni 2017

Bad weather = Time for crafty books

It's summer, it's holiday, and the weather is not behaving at it's best. Meaning ... it's time for some indoor activities.

My book, PAPIR – Klip Fold Sy, offers many hours of fun and joy for children and adults. All you need is PAPER, scissors, glue ... and (for a few models) needle 'n string.


Hardback, 48 pages, released in 2016.

DKr. 125,-

Enclosed* you'll also receive a starter-kit free of charge.



Hardback, 48 sider, udgivet i 2016.

DKr. 125,-

Med bogen følger et startkit*, som kan anvendes til bogens modeller.

websitet kan du betale med Visa/Visa-Dankort og PayPal.

Hvis du vil betale med MobilePay, har du følgende muligheder:

Bestil via E-mail
Send mail til lisbet(snabel-a)lisbet(punktum)dk.

Bemærk: snabel-a = @ | punktum = .

Bestil via Instagram
Send en privat besked til @LLLogCo eller @leLivredk.

Telefonnummer til betaling oplyses ved ordrebekræftelse.

Ordrer sendes via PostNord. Op til 5 dages leveringstid.
Ordrer modtaget senest kl. 12:00 afsendes samme dag.




PAPIR – Klip Fold Sy forhandles også i mange online boghandler og i enkelte fysiske butikker. Se listen på leLivres website. Og husk! – du kan altid få din lokale boghandler til at bestille den hjem til dig.

*Smil* fra Lisbet

*For as long as it's in stock. / *Så længe lager haves.

fredag den 23. juni 2017

Pink lemonade ...

Pink elderflower lemonade

50-60 x pink elderflower umbels 
2 kilos of sugar
4 table spoons citric acid
5 lemons
2 liters of boiling water.

Mix 'n stir in a big bowl, 
and keep in fridge for 3 days and 3 nights ...

... filter and bottle
– and the pink lemonade is ready!

Mix 1/4 lemonade + 3/4 cold water.


NB. You can ofcourse use the white elderflowers
instead of the pink ones!

*SMILES* from me

torsdag den 25. maj 2017

Crocheted lace (free pattern)


Garn: Bomuld 8/4
Hæklenål: 3,5

m = maske
lm = luftmaske
km = kædemaske
fm = fastmaske
stgm = stangmaske
rk = række
lm-bue = luftmaskebue


Inden du starter: Lav en hækleprøve med f.eks. 25 lm, så du ved, hvor meget blonden/mønsteret måler i længden.

Slå det antal lm op du ønsker, f.eks. 450.

1. rk: Hækl 1 stgm i 3. lm fra nålen og herefter 1 stgm i hver lm rk ud. Vend.

2. rk: (3 lm, 1 stgm) i samme m, spring 1 m over, *(1 stgm, 1 lm, 1 stgm), spring 1 m over*, gentag fra * til * rk ud. Vend med 1 lm.

3. rk: *1 km i lm-buen, (1 fm, 2 lm, 1 fm) i næste m*, gentag fra * til * rk ud.

Crocheted lace © Copyright LLL&Co.

Yarn: Cotton 8/4
Crochet hook: 3.5

ch = chain
sl = slip stitch
st = stitch
sc = crochet
dc = double crochet
ch-sp = chain space


Before you start: Make a crochet test with, for example, ch 25, so you know the lenght of the pattern.

Ch 450 (or whatever you'd prefer).

1st row: 1 dc in 3rd ch from the hook and then 1 dc in every ch, turn.

2nd row: (Ch 3, 1 dc) in same st, skip 1 st, [(1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in next st, skip 1 st], repeat [ ] till the end, ch 1, turn.

3rd row: [1 sl st in ch-sp, (1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc) in next st], repeat [ ] till the end.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find any errors in the English version, please let me know. Thank you!

Have fun!

Lisbet :-)

tirsdag den 23. maj 2017

In the mags ...

Last week one of the weekly, Danish magazines – Hjemmet – showed the cover of my book "PAPIR" (paper). I only got to know this, because the mag wrote to me for a picture file.

If you notice  – or maybe you've already seen – the cover of my book printed in other Danish mags I'm very interested in knowing abt it. Just drop me a note here on my blog or send me an E-mail: lisbet(a)lisbet(dot)dk.

Thank you so much in advance!


søndag den 14. maj 2017

Poppy Love

When a plant chooses it's own place to live and grow ...
it pays off BIG time!

I just love this poppy and it's amazing colors!
The pictures are captured by my iPhone5s,
and I didn't add any colors at all. All I did was adjusting the light
and the purple power turned up!

Nature is awesome!


torsdag den 4. maj 2017

Meet me on Ravelry

On my Ravelry-page I share crochet patterns
free and for sale.

I've had this account on Ravelry for almost 6 years,
but I haven't really spent much time on the website
– untill now ...

More designs and patterns made by me
will be added along the way!

On Ravelry you find me as LisbetLL.


For those of you who don't already know

Ravelry is a community for YARN-FREAKS
– crochet, tunisian crochet, and knitting.

On Ravelry you can find and share patterns
– for free and for sale ...
and you can find patterns on a lot of clothes, toys, ornaments etc.

So ... if you're a yarn-person, I'm pretty sure
you'll find this site quite interesting.


Happy thursday everyone ...! :-)

to you from me,